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The economy is getting worse and people are losing their jobs. At the same time, people are graduating every year and are also looking for jobs in the already crowded job market. As a result of this many a recruitment agency have devised many methods to cheat unsuspecting candidates.

Our recruitment agency, popularly known as Edge Recruiting Agency does not charge candidates for helping them get jobs. Many employers have asked us why we do not practice this despite a lot of other firms doing are doing it. Many people we have helped to get jobs have also asked the same questions. It is time to provide some answers!

Below are some of the reasons we do not charge candidates for helping them get jobs.

  1. It is wrong
  2. Many quacks are doing
  3. We are working for the client, not candidate
  4. Our clients foot the bill
  5. Double payment collection

It is wrong

Charging candidates to help them get permanent job placements is wrong. It is a legal issue in many countries around the world. If it is wrong, we will not do it. Our recruiting agency has rejected offers from candidates to be paid to help them get jobs. We do not determine who gets employed. It is the client who does. Collecting money from the candidate therefore is collecting payment for a job thats not ours.

Many quacks are doing it

One of the most important reasons we do NOT charge candidates for submitting CVs with us and eventually getting them jobs is because many untrained people are doing it. Over 80% of them are not legal firms. So, in order to differentiate ourselves from them, we will not indulge in the practices they indulge in. These “firms” collect as much as N5000 from job seekers and promise them jobs they will never get. Our recruitment agency will not do that!

Our recruitment agency is working for the client, not the candidate

The truth is that when a client requests for candidates, we will work hard to ensure that they get the right person for the brief. We do not have the right to impose any candidate on them. All the candidates will be given equal opportunities to compete for the job. When the client picks a candidate who is obviously not a preassigned person, we have a winner. Then the client pays us. The candidates who are not successful will then be shortlisted for another job until they too meet an employer who prefers them over others.

Our clients foot the bill

If we are working for the client and not the candidate, then that obviously indicates that the client has to pay the fees. Asking the candidate to pay is like asking someone to pay for a prize they have worked hard to get. It is like asking Germany to pay for the World Cup title they fought hard to get in Brazil in 2014. That will be unfair because that competition was so tough that they could only beat Argentina after extra time.

Double payment collection

If a recruitment agency collect payments from candidates after collecting from the clients, that will amount to collecting payments for a service twice. That will not be fair on the candidate and on the firm they are being recruited for. It is fraud to do this.


Having a recruitment agency that is ethical is an asset to any candidate seeking for employment opportunities. So advise your friends. Let them spend their money on only competency improvement things like career books, seminars, workshops and so on.

Do you have any questions? Kindly leave them in the comment section below. You can send you CVs to tle [no space] nigeria [@] gmail dot com. The subject should be the kind of job you want. If its more than one, just use a comma and list all of them.

The Learning Edge Writer


    • The Learning Edge Writer

      June 30, 2016 at 11:42 am

      Yes please. CVs sent to will certainly get processed faster since that is where management have instructed for CVs to be sent. We are happy you enjoyed the article.

  • priye

    August 31, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Please do you also help people find graduate intern jobs for people without working experiences?

    • The Learning Edge Writer

      August 31, 2016 at 3:51 pm

      Yes we do. Kindly click “apply here” above and follow the instructions. Cheers!

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