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Free Project Management PMP Training

The management of The Learning Edge Ltd declares Free Project Management PMP Training in Lagos. The firm declared this in January when it vowed to train 1000 people for free in 2017 as a result of recession.

The Learning Edge first started running Project Management (PMP) training in 2011. Between then and now, the organization has trained hundreds of professionals from various organizations including Guaranty Trust Bank, Shell, Mobil, Motorola, Hauwei and many others. Most of these individuals are now Project Management Institute (PMI) certified. This free Project Management PMP training is its way of giving back to society as a result of the present recession.


The present recession in the country has made it almost impossible for people to invest in personal and career development. Before now, The Learning Edge charged between the sum of sixty thousand naira (N60,000) and eighty thousand naira (N80,000) per candidate for its Project Management (PMP) training. As at then, it cost about ninety two thousad naira (N92,000) per candidate to write the PMP Certification examination. However, as a result of the free fall of the naira, it now cost over two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) to write the examination. Through its free Project Management PMP Training, The Learning Edge contributes the N60,000 it would have charged to what the candidates would need to pay for the certification examination.

Why Project Management Training?

Project Management is one of the most demanded professions in the world. Contrary to what many people think, project management goes beyond science and engineering. It cuts across every human endeavour. Whether you are planning an event or redecorating an apartment or simply running a business, project management skills come handy in more ways than one can imagine.

This is why organizations such as NLNG, Shell, Mobil, Alcatel and other bluechip firms have invested so much in giving their staff training in Project Management. The free Project Management training is our contribution to helping people who are not priviledged to work in forward thinking organizations like these.

How to Participate in the Free Project Management PMP Training.

It is very simple. Fill the form below and we will get you a slot in the free project management training class.

A few FAQs about the Free Project Management PMP Training

I am not an engineer. Is this training for me?

Project Management is not for engineers only. It cuts across ALL disciplines

I work for a bluechip firm. Can I also participate?

Yes you can.

Will you be serving refreshments at the Free Project Management PMP Training?

This depends on what resources management makes available at the time of the training.

Can you run the Free Project Management PMP Training for a firm?

The free project management training is meant to help individuals who might not have extra funds to go for training. It is not for corporate organizations. However, if you have a schedule that is free of activities for our facilitators, we will definitely consider it.

Where will the training hold?

It will hold at our Ikeja office.

What is your track record?

We have made so many Project Management Professionals (PMPs) over the years. We have a 99% pass rate at first sitting. Hopefully, we will be able to have some of our PMPs come to visit during the course of the class.

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