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Latest Job Vacancy: General Manager, Business Dev, et al

Latest Job Vacancy: General Manager, Business Dev, et al

If you are looking for latest job vacancy in management, read on. There is a new job vacancy The Learning Edge wants to fill. It is for the position of General Manager at one of our clients’.

The Recruiting Agency of The Learning Edge Ltd has released it’s latest job vacancy. The most pressing of these job vacancies is the position of General Manager. The successful candidate will be in charge of managing the operations of our client. The operations cover certain departments in our client’s company.

The Ideal candidate for our latest job vacancy

The ideal candidate for this position has

  1. Leadership skills: S/he has the ability to inspire followership not just because of their position but also as a result of their leadership prowess.
  2. Networking skills: No one can successfully manage/lead other managers without this.
  3. Project Management skills: This is needed for the periodical projects whose deliverables are needed for the overall success of the day to day pursuits of the organization.

The candidate is expected to have experience in working as a manager. S/he will be expected to demonstrate how this experience will help them to;

  1. Work with other managers and gain their support for organizational growth
  2. Use organizational resources to meet organizational objectives
  3. Work under pressure and still succeed
  4. Develop team members so they are equipped to deliver more.

As a result of the sensitivity of this position, the candidate is expected to have experience in banking, insurance and marketing.

How to apply for our latest job vacancy

Simply send your CV to

But you have to follow the subject line instructions below;

  1. Enter the job you are applying for e.g. “Accountant”.
  2. If you have a second option, add it like this “Accountant, Office Manager”.
  3. If you are open-minded about the kind of job you want, simply state the position you held in your last job, followed by “open-minded” e.g. “Front Desk Officer, Open-minded”.
  4. If you do not have a previous experience, fresh out of school and are at the same time open-minded, use “Fresh Graduate, Open Minded”

If you do not follow the instructions, we might not treat your application on time.

For more information about how our recruiting services work, click here.

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