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In this age and time, effective leadership in the workplace is what will guarantee seamless execution of organizational goals. Leaders are required to manage situations, expectations and people while at the same time taking risks to accomplish great feats.

The Learning Edge Leadership Course is aimed at empowering people to discover, enhance and unleash their leadership skills.

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Course content

The course will cover the fundamental knowledge areas of Leadership.

  1. Introduction of Leadership.
  2. Decision making, Delegation and Problem Solving.
  3. Principles of Motivation.
  4. Performance Management.
  5. Relationship Management.

Leadership Course Content Breakdown

Leadership Expectations
– What leadership is not
– The Ideal Follower
– Identifying Leaders in the workplace
– Leadership versus management
– Factors against leadership in organizations

Fundamentals of Leadership in the Workplace
– Understanding vision, mission and purpose
– Organizational culture
– Culture development
– Disentangling the time trap
– Goal setting
– Daily “Chunking” Principle

Influencing with leadership
– The fundamentals of influence
– End to end leadership approach
– Leadership development
– Inspiring teams for leadership support
– Understanding your subordinates
– Developing trust

Communication in Leadership
– Verbal & Non-verbal leadership communications
– Powerful ways to communicating with purpose
– Team development
– Workplace mentoring
– Understanding employees’ body language
– Attitude Management
– Effective correcting

Crisis & Conflict Management
– Conflict classifications
– Crisis classification
– Response systems
– Effective communication in Crisis and Conflict Situations


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