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Marketing Training

Everyone can become a marketer in your organization while doing their day to day core jobs. The Learning Edge’s Comprehensive Marketing Training can help with that.

Marketing should not be left to only Marketers or Business Development Executives. There should rather be a wholistic policy that ensures that even though not everyone in the organization is a marketer, everyone is involved in attracting new paying customers through active and passive marketing approaches. The Learning Edge’s marketing training will help with that and more!

Scope of the marketing training

The training will be centred around your team gaining knowledge of often ignored powerful areas of marketing.

  1. Marketing Planning
  2. Traditional Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Authority Marketing

marketing training

The Learning Edge’s Marketing training will cover the following and more;

  1. How the modern customer behaves.
  2. How to draw a workable customer-centric marketing plan.
  3. How to generate contacts on a daily basis.
  4. How to make a contact a customer.
  5. How to handle rejections and other setbacks.
  6. How the mind works for or against marketing efforts.
  7. How to create marketing materials that win.
  8. How to daily convert marketing efforts to sales.

Marketing Training Duration

Ideally, 2 to 3 days should be sufficient for an intensive training, depending on when we start. But we can always tailor this to your company’s schedule and peculiarities. Ask your HR Manager to call us on 07088608145 for a FREE training needs assessment.

Our marketing trainers

Our trainers have many years of experience both as marketers and as facilitators. For example, Kingsley Aigbona is the Author of The Z of Marketing: How I Make Rapid Sales and How You Too Can. The book has been described by Brian Tracy (one of America’s top consultants and authors) as follows: “This practical book, based on proven experience, shows you how to attract a steady stream of qualified customers to your business – every day.

Training Investment

Call 09069745575 for a FREE training needs assessment. The cost will be communicated after the assessment is made.