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Smart managers are now fully abreast of the fact that outsourcing certain parts of their business processes is now one of the best ways to guarantee productivity.

The Learning Edge Business Outsourcing is designed to help your organization to thrive since you will have more time to face the core demands of your business.

How it works

Step 1: We get a call of intent from you.

Step 2: Our consultants will visit your organization to discuss the areas in which outsourcing will be beneficial to your business.

Step 3: We will conduct a make-or-buy analysis with your team.

Step 4: We will ascertain that the cost of outsourcing is far less than the status-quo through the analysis in step 3.

Step 5: We submit our recommendations.

Step 6: You sign your approval.

Step 7: We become your Business Support Partners.

Our methods

Our methods are very simple. Our processes are very simple and easy to understand. We do NOT hide behind big and ambiguous words your team may find confusing.

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Oursourcing – Human Capital Development / Learning and Development

What you can outsource to The Learning Edge

If you are one of those managers who are interested in reducing overhead while raising the bar in quality delivery, this is for you. You can decide to outsource your non-core business processes.

Depending on what your core business area is, you can choose to outsource any of the following processes to us;

  1. Customer Servicing and Support: We handle customer service outsourcing for firms who are not poised to have a customer department. We can also handle customer appreciation campaigns and projects for your organization.

  2. Human Resource: Here, we can be your HR department. We will handle everything your HR department would have handled for you.

  3. Accounting and Financials: Are you running a small business and do not have the time to put your financials together? Yes, this can be a daunting exercise for businesspeople. Let us take that stress off of you.

  4. Learning and development: We can handle the responsibility of capacity building of your staff all year long. In that way, we become responsible for curing every one of your staff of “stupidity” in any area of their weaknesses. We can use various tools such as workplace mentoring, training, coaching and self development.

  5. Other areas: There are other areas we can handle for you. Just contact us and let us discuss your business to ascertain if your business needs outsourcing.

Our confidentiality promise

The Learning Edge will take the responsibility of carrying out the tasks professionally and efficiently. Don’t worry, we handle our clients’ information with utmost confidentiality.

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