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PMP Certification: Do You Need it? Check Here

PMP Certification: Do You Need it? Check Here

We have been running PMP certification examination preparatory classes for close to a decade now. So far, we have made a large number of PMPs. Is the certification for you?

Many people have asked us if they need the prestigious PMP certification. The reason for this question is not far-fetched. While many people think that project management is only for people in engineering and technical fields, others think just a knowledge of the profession is enough. Before we dive into our discourse to examine if you actually need a PMP certification, let us quickly take a look of certain facts.

  1. What is Project Management?
  2. What is PMP?

What is Project Management?

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK©), Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project objectives. This is a beautiful definition. Picture yourself standing before a client who hands you a list of objectives they want you to assist them achieve within a particular time and within a particular budget. Armed with the objectives, you can create and sequence activities that can help you to meet those objectives. Expertly applying your knowledge and skills, coupled with certain management tools and techniques to achieve those activities at the shortest time and shortest cost possible is what project management is.

Note that the definition made NO mention of engineering or technical field.

What is PMP Certification

PMP is Project Management Professional©. It is awarded by Project Management Institute (PMI©), the organization that awards the certification when you meet certain requirements and sit for an examination. The certification is the most popular project management certification in the world. It is reported that people who earn the certification experience a significant change in their remuneration.

So, why do I need the PMP Certification?

You need the PMP certification for a number of reasons

  1. To upgrade/boost your qualifications: No matter what your present qualification is, you need extra certifications to give yourself a boost. This will increase your chances at being preferred over other candidates whenever you go for a competitive job interview.
  2. Organizations are getting more projectized: Organizations are beginning to take a no nonsence stance towards how they measure productivity. So instead of pursuing task focussed employee engagement, they are now insisting on goals focussed employee engagement. You need the kind of indepth knowledge a PMP exam preparatory studying can give to you to fully understand this projectized employee engagement.
  3. It is prestigious: It is prestigious to have the PMP certification. Imagine the prestige of adding the PMP to your name. PMP holders can refer to themselves as “John Doe, PMP.” Imagine writing your name on a list and adding that PMP to your name. Your name will automatically stand out.
  4. There are many more reasons space cannot allow us to write now. But I know that the reasons above will help you to decide whether or not the certification is for you.

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  1. I have to say that, after having a PMP for over a year now, it’s been basically worthless for me for anything but the narrow niche I was working in. Much time, effort and monies expended with no return. Without significant industry specific experience in what they do, employers have no use for a PMP. Again my experience.
    I’m afraid I’ve been sold a fraudulent bill of goods by both the university that is accredited for this and PMI. It’s a money maker for them; a cash cow. And a big one.

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