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We invite you to take advantage of our recruiting agency service, designed to help you get the best possible candidates to mind your business.

the learning edge recruiting agency

The Learning Edge recruiting agency helps to ensure that you get the best candidates at the least cost possible. If you need an organization that has years of experience in helping HRs get the best, we are your bet.

We understand you

We know the economy. We know that targets are getting higher as budgets are getting tighter. We therefore want to help with your human capital acquisition and development.

Our Intention to you

  1. We want to partner with you by taking care of the distracting task of getting experienced, dependable and highly motivated personnel to join your workforce while you focus on your core business activities.
  2. We want to save you money while doing #1 above

Our Solutions

Our recruiting agency solutions are tailored to help our clients to save money and time to focus on their core business. They are;

  1. Permanent staffing
  2. Part-time staffing
  3. Outsourced labour

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Why Choose The Learning Edge Recruiting Agency

  1. We are experts in cost reduction. We helped a Middle East firm with operations in Nigeria to reduce their cost of labour by over 35% monthly.
  2. We are experts in Business Process Reengineering. If we recruit for you, you will enjoy a FREE 2 weeks business intervention that would help to position the staff in such a way that they are able to perform optimally on the job.
  3. We recruit candidates not just based on their certificate qualifications but also based on their personalities and their results/value quotient.
  4. We are experts in Human Capital Development. We offer a FREE 12 hour relevant training to every staff we recruit for you.
  5. If you are like many of our clients who value confidentiality, you can be rest assured that every information we get privy to while working with you on a project will be kept secret.

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Our Method

The following is part of the process we engage in for Permanent Staffing:

  1. Your company states the requirements of personnel with certain skills to us. This is usually through a detailed job description.
  2. Suitable screening/testing of the prospective candidates is done by us.
  3. The Learning Edge recruiting agency presents the best profiles for your company’s perusal.
  4. Appraisal of short-listed candidates is done by your company. If you prefer to have us in attendance, we are informed.
  5. Once the candidate(s) resumes, invoice may then be submitted to your company.

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Free Replacement: If the selected candidate gives a resignation to your company or is terminated within a month from date of joining, we provide a replacement free of charge.