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Are you looking for your dream job? Our clients are looking for you! Our recruitment exercise will facilitate that. To get us acquainted with you, apply here.

You can take advantage of our recruitment opportunities by sending an email to But please follow the instructions below. It is important you do because we get so many mails a day.

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Subject Line Instructions

  • Enter the kind of job you anticipate to get e.g. “Accountant”.
  • If you have a second option, add it like this “Accountant, Office Manager”.
  • If you are open-minded about the kind of job you want, simply state the position you held in your last job, followed by “open-minded” e.g. “Front Desk Officer, Open-minded”.
  • If you do not have a previous experience, fresh out of school and are at the same time open-minded, use “Fresh Graduate, Open Minded”

If you do not follow the instructions, we might not treat your application on time.

Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be as brief as possible.

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CV Formats

The standard we accept for our recruitment exercise is ONLY Microsoft Word. We will NOT accept pdf.

Application Fees

We do NOT collect recruitment application fees. Do not offer or pay to anybody claiming to represent us.


We have periodic interviews. Kindly watch out for the next one. We will send you an email or an SMS.

Phone Calls

Please, candidates should NOT call us. Follow the instructions above and send us your CV. That’s all. Do NOT call. We receive so many calls and emails per day and need to attend to them all. Simply apply and someone will get back to you from our office.


If you are an employer and would like to use our service to get candidates for an opening, kindly click here or call us on the phone number on the header of this website.