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Time management is the process of planning and consciously controlling the time spent to execute specific activities. Been aware of time and proper planning on the use of time is a great quality an individual MUST have.

The Learning Edge Time management training would expose you to the principles of time management and how to ensure you use your time wisely.





Who Should Attend

Professionals in different fields who are seeking improved time-management skills so that they can perform more effectively and efficiently.

Course content

The course will cover the fundamental knowledge areas of Digital Marketing.

They are;

  1. Introduction on Time Management.
  2. Overcoming procrastination.
  3. Organizing your work.
  4. Evaluating current usage of time.
  5. Using the right time management systems.
  6. Prioritizing activities.



Our Digital Marketing Certification training is divided into 2 categories for the purpose of flexibility.

Weekdays: This runs from Monday to Friday. The class is for people who cannot attend the weekend programme for one reason or the other. It runs for just one week.

Weekends: This runs for 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays consecutively. This class is basically for people who are busy during the week as a result of regular work.

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