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The Learning Edge Trainings are designed to help participants become better at what they do.

Whether the objective is to learn a new skill or just to update oneself, the trainings are delivered in such a way that candidates are able to join in building and stronger better organizations.

The Learning Edge training programme is divided into 3 distinct parts. They are;

  1. Corporate Training
  2. Open Courses
  3. Individual/Small Group Coaching/Training

Corporate Training

The Learning Edge Corporate training is for organizations who want to increase the competence of their staff. Smart managers know that an organization is only as good as the people it keeps. Learning and development is therefore a compulsory requirement in building better organizations. To learn more about our corporate training programme, click the button below or click this link: corporate training.

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Corporate training for a client at Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja

Individual/Small Group Coaching/Training

This is almost like a corporate training in that it is initiated by an organization. But rather than being a full training for everyone or a good number of people in that organization, the trainings are just for either an individual or just a few persons.

the learning edge individual and small group training/coaching programme

The Learning Edge’s Small Group Trainings/Coaching Programme. Inform your HR Manager

Any of the following scenarios can initiate an individual or small group coaching/training

  1. A new staff (or more) that needs to be trained on a combination of needed work skills. The individual (or group of individuals) can be sent to us for a crash programme that will make them fully ready for the job. This is usually done just before or after the staff induction.
  2. A valuable staff that is not competent in a particular area of concern to the organization. One of our clients sent us their very effective accountant who is not good in admin and business documents writing for some specially blended trainings. Another sent a teacher who is great at teaching but needed to learn certain skills because she had just been promoted to position of principal.
  3. A client sent us 5 of their staff for a coaching programme because they had been chosen to design, deploy and manage a survey programme for their customers that met up with certain criteria.

Open Courses

The Learning Edge open trainings are designed for individuals from different organizations. Some of the benefits of these trainings and learning events include networking, avenue to learn what works in other organizations and co-location. Some of our open courses are below. To learn more about a course, just click it. If the one you are interested in is not on the list, contact us.

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HR Managers can arrange to send staff for The Learning Edge’s open courses.