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We don’t take for granted the importance of Vetting and Verification in the employment process, as it a core aspect in employing a prospective applicant. It is conducted confidentially and smoothly done by our experts.

The Learning Edge does Vetting and Verification of a prospective employee before making a hiring decision to ensure that you get the best candidate.

The Vetting and Verification process looks deeper into the applicant’s background to ensure the employee is a solid match for the job. The process may include looking for criminal records, verifying professional certifications, and tracking employment history.


Employee Vetting and Verification is often overlooked in recruitment as many organisations do not actually understand the business impact of recruitment of employees.


Advantages of Vetting and Verification

  1. Background checks reveals the applicant personality and lies in resumes or CV and fills in the ‘blanks’ at interviews.
  2. This ensures employment of only legitimate and honest candidates with no criminal history.
  3. Thorough background checks protects an employer against possible, future lawsuits.
  4. This ensures that the correct candidate is selected, resulting in better job performance.


Why Choose The Learning Edge

  1. We perform thorough background checks.
  2. We help save cost by making sure you employ the right the first time.
  3. We help make the decision making of selecting the right candidate.

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